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    #NeverSettle #ForTheMany #NeverSettle #ForTheMany

    In case you...

    I want to build a society in which there is decency and love.

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Election days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a government which represents all of us....that struggle continues.

    Bernie Sanders

    Life without an ideal (the more unattainable the better) – to strive for and make sacrifice for is an empty, barren gift.

    Keir Hardie

    Our Values

    1/ Socialism

    A society that works truly for the many, not the few.

    2/ Liberation

    Equality must be a part of any fight for a fairer world, leaving no one behind.

    3/ Internationalism

    Standing-up for the dispossessed means solidarity with those beyond our own borders. It is not an “extra” as some in our movement would like you to believe, it is a duty + necessity for a just world.

    4/ #MindfulDemocracy

    It is values + actions that matter, not allegiances. Our support of people should be conditional on them doing the right thing – not what colours they wear.

    5/ Accessible Politics

    For too much of the last 5 yrs our politics has been intellectualised, and not been inclusive of the average person. For our ideas and values to resonate, they must be spoken in language understood by the many.