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    About us

    A ‘cancel the rent’ policy would be “Unlabour” said a certain MP infamously back in May 2020… which to be honest – sounds awesome! And if taxing the rich, creating a green economy that works for all our futures and having transport, utilities, water and a health service that SERVE the public rather than PROFIT from it, you can count us in on being Unlabour!

    We represent all of you who were not just inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of hope for a better world, enthusiastically and proudly voting Labour, but joined it and eagerly campaigned for it too.  Having been founded over 120 years ago to represent the interests of ordinary people, sadly for too much of its more recent history it did not represent us – until Jeremy came along as leader – being ‘Labour’ wasn’t a positive thing. The fact is the only reason many of us could bring ourselves to support Labour during his leadership was precisely because both he and his policies were ‘Unlabour’.

    We need to fightback.

    For most of us the ideas Jeremy Corbyn advocated for still endure. They are materially important for our collective futures, and, as the pandemic has proven, more relevant than ever. Likewise, the challenges of the status-quo still remain, they have not been overcome and are not going away anytime soon. It is clear now that Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is a lot more like the Labour Party of yore, rather than the party ‘for the many’ we got to know more recently.  As the Labour Party seems more distant than ever from genuinely representing us, and as we see a lack of leadership from our left ‘leaders’ – we ourselves must take the mantle of Jeremy’s legacy forward, each and every one of us.

    We hope to be a place to share ideas, inform, advocate, educate, campaign and support socialists to enact change, be they within Labour or outside of it.

    If you want to pitch an article, have a project you want to get off the ground or just want to bounce ideas – do get in touch via our contact form!